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Caitlins got me

Dec. 21st, 2009 | 11:57 am

totally and utterly addicted to TUMBLR;


If you have a TUMBLR account feel free to follow me!
I'm gonna keep this LJ account for ADIML and my new random overseas friends but I'll probs be on TUMBLR more often.


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I'd post but...

Dec. 13th, 2009 | 04:20 pm
location: Lighthouse Beach, New South Wales, Australia

...nothing much has been happening at all!

Got my uni results back...I failed a subject. WAHHHHHHH. Looks like I have a heavier workload next year!

Been stuck in Port Macquarie, but heading back to Newcastle next week :]]
The last three weeks summed up? Wine, Pot and the backyard swimming pool.

Fuck, Summer is defintely here! I've decided I hate cicadas. They are everywhere here.

In awesome news, Dad's buying me a retro bicycle...you know, the french ones with the basket on the front :]

oh, and I don't know how the hell I'm gonna pay for xmas this year. FML

Thats it in a nutshell...my next post will probably be when I'm back in Newcastle and return to some normal kind of non-stoner life.


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Totally failing at life RE: Livejournal posting but

Dec. 9th, 2009 | 02:45 am


It's in Islington, in a narrow street...it has a white picket fence, and its SUPER SEXY!

We move in next week!

P.s. Once I move I will definately post more often...I'm sorry :[

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for the LOLs

Nov. 26th, 2009 | 12:18 pm
location: Transit Hill, New South Wales, Australia
mood: amusedamused
music: Teardrop - Massive Attack


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I know I know

Nov. 26th, 2009 | 12:16 pm
location: Transit Hill, New South Wales, Australia
mood: blankblank

I haven't had the internet in over 4 weeks. How is that even possible these days!?

Anyway, shit has hit the fan big time, and 2009 can go down in the history books as easily one of the worst years of my adult life thus far.
At least I still know how to look on the bright side of life :]

For example; on the 7th of November, we got our eviction notice.

While I am completely freaking out, I know we will eventually find a house. And this time, I've decided I'm sick of living close to the university [I may regret this choice later on]. I miss living in the inner-city. So we are finding a house in the Wickham/Hamilton/Islington/Cooks Hill area :] It means I will have to take a train to class, but I'll live...some people drive over two hours to get to campus each day.

Oh, and I'm chilling in Port Macquarie at the moment whilst my parents separation turns from ugly to doomsday. FUN!

But seriously, I'm missing the city right now.

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Writer's Block: Take my advice

Oct. 27th, 2009 | 03:13 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

What's the best and worst advice you ever received? Did you follow it even if it ran counter to your gut intuition? How did it turn out?

the best advice? - ALWAYS be true to yourself.

have I always followed that advice? Sadly, no. But I am only in my 20s, and I still have a hell of alot to learn.

the worst advice? - move to Armidale.

WORST. TOWN. EVER. I lived there for 8 months against my initial judgement [I ALWAYS wanted to live in Newcastle].

...in the end I listened to my own instincts and moved to grunge-tastic Newcastle. So good to be back in a city again!

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Writer's Block: Yes, offense taken

Oct. 27th, 2009 | 03:08 am
mood: annoyedannoyed

If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

For starters...I wouldn't be friends with anyone who was racist or homophobic :P
but...I don't live in a perfect world so...

Of course I would confront them! I'm extremely lucky to come from a welcoming and new age family who is willing to accept everybody for who they are. Conservatism is not a word in our vocabulary. Same goes for my friends, I suppose I'm just in that niche where regardless of straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transexual, or cultural; we will still love you! [Besides, friends in our group tick some of those boxes...we don't see them any differently]

i suppose the only time I have had to confront someone over their remarks is a stranger in the street or in a club. They should just keep their racist and homophobic thoughts to themselves :P

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Oct. 27th, 2009 | 02:57 am
location: Birmingham Gardens, New South Wales, Australia
mood: hungryhungry

Reeses Pieces and Dr. Pepper.


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Oct. 27th, 2009 | 01:04 am


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watching TV at 1am...

Oct. 27th, 2009 | 12:50 am
location: Birmingham Gardens, New South Wales, Australia
mood: awakeawake
music: Michael Franti & Spearhead - Soulshine

it only really becomes apparent how much of an endorsements whore Delta Goodrem really is...

...Proactiv [yuk], Nintendo DS and now Sunsilk Shampoo.

"she's workin' hard for the mo-ney"

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